Background and Qualifications

Wenner Gren Hunt Postdoctoral Fellow 2008
ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UCL 2005
PhD Soocial Anthropology, UCL 2005
MSc Medical Anthropology, UCL 1998

General Interests:

Anthropology of Reproduction
Medical Anthropology
UK, Qatar and the Middle East
Pregnancy and miscarriage
Genetics and new medical and reproductive technologies

"My work focuses on emergent illnesses, gender, fertility, reproduction and loss; particularly in the UK and also in the Middle East. My PhD examined the emergence of a new and contested illness in the UK: Gulf War Syndrome (GWS); exploring the way the illness was shaped by wider social and cultural forces. Gender is a particular interest of mine, and my book Impotent Warriors: Gulf War Syndrome, Vulnerability and Masculinity (Oxford: Berghahn, 2009) investigates the way GWS narratives involve expressions of diminished masculinity amongst sufferers. Sufferers expressed anxieties around fertility and reproduction and articulated concerns about damaged reproduction and parenthood. This work led to my ongoing interest in reproductive disruptions and ideas of reproduction and risk. Since 2011 my research focus has developed to include the Middle East. I have been conducting research in Qatar where I explore issues around risk (including genetic risk); marriage practices; gender, reproduction and reproductive disruption, particularly miscarriage. Funded by the Qatar National Research Fund this research contributes to a more general ethnographic picture of Qatari social life. My work on miscarriage has included ethnographic research in Qatar and the UK."

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