Susie Kilshaw is a medical anthropologist based at University College London. Her work explores the impact of cultural context on health and illness with a particular focus on pregnancy, reproduction and pregnancy loss.  A Canadian based in the UK for 15 years, Susie has been particularly interested in UK health beliefs and anxieties, culminating in her book on Gulf War Syndrome (Impotent Warriors: Gulf War Syndrome, Vulnerability and Masculinity (Berghahn Books, 2009). Hailing from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Susie attended McGill University where she received a BA (Hons) in Anthropology and soon after moved to the UK to attend University College London from where she received both her MSc and PhD in Social Anthropology.

Recently, her interests have taken her to the Middle East where she has conducted fieldwork for the past 5 years. This research involves comparing miscarriage experiences in Qatar with those in the UK. A principal research fellow at UCL, Susie has taught a number of medical anthropology and anthropology course and is a regular speaker at international conferences.